Client: King – Adelaide Centre
Status: In approvals – Submitted for Site Plan Approval
Location: 590 King St West and 472 Adelaide Street West
Floors: 12
Units: Retail / Commercial 400,000 sq. ft.
About: The King Adelaide Centre is a 400,000 sq. ft. commercial office complex comprised a 260,000 sq. ft. addition to one of Toronto’s significant heritage structures, the 140,000 sq. ft. former headquarters of Kodak Canada at 590 King Street West. This 400 foot deep, four-storey brick and heavy timber structure addresses both King Street West and Adelaide and spans a centre-block lane with a three-level bridge. The new twelve-storey addition will be built both beside and over the existing building and will incorporated 14 foot deep trusses that bridge over the heritage structure. This will permit it to remain fully intact and operational during the construction period. Parking will be provided on three below-grade levels serviced by the largest fully automated parking system in Canada.
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